Spotify’s New Playlist Is Full of Personalized Throwback Jams. Here’s How to Find It

Spotify just came out with a playlist that lets you reminisce to all of your favorite throwbacks.

The new “Your Time Capsule” playlist is meant to be “personalized playlist with songs to take you back in time to your teenage years,” according to the Spotify page. The streaming site says the playlist has a track list that lasts two hours. But, you’ll need to find it first. It’s also only available for users over 16, according to The Verge, otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a throwback.

There are three ways to get your Time Capsule playlist.

Browse Decades

Unlike other customized playlists like “Release Radar,” “Your Time Capsule” doesn’t come up under than main browse section. You can use that page to find the “Decades” playlist section. Among all the other time-based playlists, you’ll see the Time Capsule.

Go to the Time Capsule page

If you’re using the browser version, you can get to your playlist by going to

Search Time Capsule

If you plug in “time capsule” in Spotify’s search bar, the personalized playlist will should be one of the first results.