Take a lighter-weight approach to hybrid cloud

The advantages of the public cloud are well known, but many factors hinder adoption, including migration time, complexity, risk, storage cost, and concerns about vendor lock-in. At Velostrata, we understand workload mobility and have a new approach to cloud that decouples compute from storage in virtualized workloads. Velostrata lets you take advantage of public cloud while retaining authoritative data on-premises if you choose. Here’s how we do it and how you can get up and running in the cloud within a matter of hours, not weeks or months.

Velostrata’s software makes it possible to move even production workloads to the cloud in minutes. Unlike traditional migration solutions, Velostrata keeps the storage and boot images on-premises, while optimizing performance to address WAN latency between the sites. IT managers do not need to make manual changes to the applications, images, or storage, and they can leverage the same management tools and processes they use today. After installation and a one-time network setup (described below), streaming production workloads is as simple as a click of a button in our VMware vCenter plug-in. Velostrata also provides extensive monitoring capabilities, as well as APIs for integration with third-party management solutions.

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